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Welcome to The Thunder Agency

We’re all about influencer talent management

The Thunder Agency is a Canadian influencer marketing and influencer talent management agency. Our creators work to create meaningful impact with their content and the brands they work with, from mental health awareness to body positivity and confidence, and from inspiring lifestyle to encouraging wellness. We’re founded by PR and influencer marketing experts, and strive to move the influencer marketing industry forward in new and diverse ways, encouraging brands to reexamine their strategies to be more inclusive, while working to create beneficial and lasting relationships between creator and brand.

Jordan D'Amico The Thunder Agency Influencer Talent Management

It’s really nice to meet you. I’m Jordan D’Amico – the founder of The Thunder Agency. The biggest question I get asked from creators and clients is, “Why?” Why did I start The Thunder Agency? The answer is easy.

The Thunder Agency was born from my desire to see more diverse representation in the influencer marketing industry. The industry as a whole has made incredible strides in the last few years, but we’re not there yet. Bigger-bodied, differently-abled, queer, and BIPOC creators are still largely under-represented while at the same time commanding millions of followers and cultivating some of the most impactful and engaged communities.

When audiences look through a brand’s influencer campaign, they should see themselves represented in some way. It’s important for brands to put their money into exemplifying and showcasing a diverse range of voices, styles, backgrounds, and appearances.

This is what we strive for. As a talent manager, my goal and responsibility is to advocate for the creators I represent and work to elevate their voices in the industry, and to shift perceptions and influence action for real change.