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30 2SLGBTQ+ influencers to follow on Instagram | The Thunder Agency
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30 2SLGBTQ+ influencers to follow on Instagram

The social media industry is filled with talented 2SLGBTQ+ influencers from diverse backgrounds who, each day, put their stories out there for the world to see. Whether they’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, or queer, their talent knows no bounds, and it’s important to celebrate the diversity and positivity they bring to social media.

When it comes to influencer marketing, many brands still overlook the talent, presence, and following of queer influencers. But as social media continues to expand and the power of influencers becomes harder and harder to ignore, audiences are craving diverse influencers they can see themselves reflected in.

23 LGBTQ2S+ influencers to follow on Instagram

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It’s still a challenge to find strong representation of the queer community in mainstream media. But the reality is, we, the user, control our experience online by engaging, following, and absorbing content that we want. The best way to ensure the visibility of 2SLGBTQ+ influencers in Canada and around the world is to consume their content with enthusiasm and show brands their influence is just as valid and as powerful as any other creator.

Jamie | @justjamiep

Megan Ixim | @msgigggles

Kairyn Potts | @ohkairyn

Matkai Burmaster | @itsmatkai

Krystian | @krystian_gabrielle

Kayla Logan | @kaylaloganblog

Meg | @megemikoart

Allie and Sam | @allieandsam

Cheyenne | @catchchey

Megan and Julie | @out_in.nature

Didier Young | @didieryhc

Vivek Shraya | @vivekshraya

Lauren Sundstrom | @laurengsundstrom

Ashkan Hobian | @ashkanhobian

Hayden Cohen | @hayderz

Brent Colmer | @boywhoblogs

Ilona Verley | @ilonaverley

Omar Ahmed |

Josh Boettcher | @itsjosheats

BOA | @boathedragqueen

Lemon | @lemongivesyoulife

Matt Bernstein | @mattxiv

Kendall Gender | @kendallgender

Raia Carey | @coach.carey

Steph LeClair | @sleclair09

Kristen McKenzie | @kristen_mckenzie

Ken and Han | @kenandhan_

Michael Rizzi | @mikerizzi

Schuyler Bailar | @pinkmantaray

Tynomi Banks | @tynomibanks

Who’s your favourite 2SLGBTQ+ influencer?